Camp FFIT Ottawa

Camp FFIT Otttawa is open to young women ages 15-19.   It is a 5 day camp that will run Aug 21-25 2017.  Check out the following link for all the details.



Camp FFIT London


This exciting new program is for young women 15-18 year olds who are interested in learning more about a career in firefighting. It is a remarkable, week-long training opportunity and is one of very few such programs offered in North America. The London program is modelled after FSWO's flagship camp developed by Ottawa Fire Services and FSWO Board members, Camp FFIT.

The camp is set to run July 11-15 2017.


Camp FFIT Hamilton

Camp FFIT Hamilton is open to young ladies ages 16-19.   It is a 3 day camp that takes place in 

October each year.

Click the following link for more details.



Camp FFIT Vaughn

The camp is open to both residents of Vaughan and non-residents.  This camp it for young ladies between 15-19 years of age.  It offers more advanced exposure and post-secondary preparation to emergency services.  The camp starts on July 17 2017.




If you have any issues with registration please contact: Andrea Stramaglia, Recreation Coordinator

Tel. (905) 832-8564 ext. 7206 |


Camp FFIT Mississauga

Camp FFIT Huntsville

Women In Uniform (Algonquin College)

Women in Uniform is an annual event held at Algonquin College in Ottawa to showcase Emergency Service careers and the College's Police and Public Safety Program to young women in grades 10 and 11. This event is supported by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Training, College and Universities, School/College/Work Initiative (


Young women with an interest in Paramedecine, Firefighting, Policing and Bylaw are provided with an opportunity to explore these careers. They are invited to participate in classroom workshops and are given the opportunity to speak with instructors and students at the college as well as women currently in Emergency Service careers. Ottawa's Firefighters, Paramedics and Police have demonstrations and equipment on hand for the girls, and the day is capped off with an extrication scenario.


Women in Uniform has had three successful years, with 75 to 100 students and teachers in attendance each year and more to come. 


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