Presenters: Joy McDermid and Sara A. Jahnke

Joy MacDermid, PhD, is a physical therapist, hand therapist, and researcher. She is a
Professor in the School of Physical Therapy at Western University and a Fellow of the
Royal Society of Canada. Her research interests include: work health, clinical
measurement, rehabilitation, and knowledge translation. Dr. MacDermid is the Scientific
Director of FIREWELL, a national network of firefighters and scientists who conduct applied
research to improve firefighter health and safety. She has over 15 years of experience
collaborating with firefighters on occupational health research.


Sara Jahnke, PhD, is the Director and a Senior Scientist with the Center for Fire, Rescue &
EMS Health Research at the National Development & Research Institutes - USA. With over
a decade of research experience on firefighter health, she has been the Principal
Investigator on ten national studies as well as dozens of studies as a co-investigator. Her
work has focused on a range of health concerns including the health of women firefighters,
behavioral health, risk of injury, cancer, cardiovascular risk factors, and substance use with
funding from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant R&D Program, the National Institutes of
Health and other foundations. She has more than 100 publications in the peer reviewed
medical literature.