Jennifer Garneau

Jennifer was first interested in the Fire Service in high school, because she knew it would involve her physical strengths, her adventurous spirit and her desire to help others. She did not know any firefighters at the time, let alone women in the Fire Service, to speak to for advice and was encouraged to pursue her academic studies - "No education is a waste," her mother tells her now. 


10 years later, she would reflect and wish she had given firefighting a shot. A house fire on her parents' farm, and the awe she felt for the responding fire fighters, seemed like a not so subtle hint. With the support her husband and two baby boys later, she decided it was time to stop thinking about it. She has met some amazing resources, both professional firefighters, men and women, and the dedicated paid on call department that she now belongs to. Her goal is to become a fulltime firefighter in a neighbouring city. 


Jennifer is a proud volunteer with Ottawa Fire Service's Camp FFIT (Female Firefighters In Training), an incredible resource for young women who are in the same position she was once in. It is a week long opportunity to experience some of the challenges and rewards of the profession for both the participants and the volunteers.


Jennifer enjoys running and staying physically active. She and her four sisters use their love of running as a reason to meet at least once a year to run a half marathon together. She also plays soccer with the Glengarry Soccer League and has recently begun Crossfit.