Instructors: Jennifer Gordon-Haus & Audrey Anne Robinson

Jenn has recently graduated with honours from the Pre-service Firefighting program Conestoga College. Jenn also received the David Ferrede Health and Safety Award for her safe practices on the fire grounds. Firefighting has been a dream of hers for many years and she now has the opportunity to make that dream a reality. She also works full time at her family’s business. Previously, she worked as a Sales and Training Co-ordinator where she was involved with new hire training and event planning. She was very honoured to have served as the Student Director on the FSWO board of directors for two years. Jenn enjoys continuous education and is working towards her Teacher Trainer of Adults Certificate with Conestoga College.   


In 2018, Audrey-Anne was hired by the Municipality of Duhamel, Quebec, to be a volunteer firefighter, preventionist, first responder and water patroller. She also became a teacher at La Cité College for the preparatory firefighter program in Fire Department. In December 2018, Audrey-Anne was also hired as a volunteer firefighter in the City of Clarence-

Rockland, which was the official beginning of her career as a firefighter, while working, at the same time, for the Multi-Trek Company in Vertical Safety and Rescue and in confined space.