Ester Lakotas

Esther began her career as a suppression firefighter with Vaughan Fire & Rescue Services in April of 1997. She was promoted to Captain in 2011 and is currently working at Fire Station 71 with an Engine (Pump truck) and 105' Ladder.


She competed in the Firefighter Combat Challenge, becoming the Canadian Champion in 2002 with a time of 2 minutes and 11 seconds. She was also a two-time World Record holder with Vaughan Girls in the Women's Relay. 


Esther enjoys attending FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference), annually, in Indianapolis, Fire College in Illinoise at the oldest Fire Academy in the US, and the annual Women in Fire and Emergency Services Conference. She has also attended the annual Fire Service Women Ontario Conference for the past two years, instructing Firefighter Survival in 2012. 

Esther welcomes her daughter, Lauren, in November of 2013, who keeps her happily busy. She is enjoying her parenting year off and looks forward to being back on the trucks in January, 2015.


Esther's advice for anyone beginning a career in the fire service; "Learn all that you can and never stop learning throughout your career. Take care of your body and always stay fit through your career. Your life and your crew's lives depend on it!"